Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Doing Rehab One Day At a Time

Following the surgery to remove the colon cancer I wasn't able to eat anything at first. Then I was allowed clear liquids. Then I was allowed some soft easy to digest food just before being transferred back to the rehab hospital. During that time I lost quite a bit of weight.

For the time being I'm on a diet of low fiber food to make it easier for my colon to heal. My abdomen is still bloated, but I'm eating as much as I can to regain weight.

I managed to get up into my wheelchair on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to build up muscle strength. Lack of eating, and being bedridden has resulted in loss of of strength and I want to get built up again as quickly as possible so I can get home to be with DebbieLynne.

Unfortunately on Saturday I had a temperature of 102 degrees. Tests determined it was due to a urinary tract infection. So I didn't get out of bed on Saturday or Sunday. I'm now on antibiotics which should eliminate the infection.

I felt better on Monday (yesterday) and practiced getting from bed to chair and back a few times. We even raised the level of bed a level to make it more like the bed at home. I stayed up in my wheelchair between lunch and supper.

Today I've done two sessions of wheelchair to bed and back transfers. What used to be so easy is now hard work, but should get much easier as I regain strength. I got into the wheelchair after lunch and plan to remain in it until after supper.

I'm also using a device to strengthen the muscles used to inhale when breathing. The better I can breathe on my own and use my arms to do transfers, the better I will be able to do things for myself and DebbieLynne once I get home.

We're hoping I'll be back with DebbieLynne sometime next week. Please pray that will work out. Pray I will regain weight and strength with no more running of a fever. Also please pray for my abdominal bloating to subside.

Thank you for your praying. And thanks again for those who've been helping DebbieLynne while I've been hospitalized now for over two months.