Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Off to See the Wizard? No...the Withches!

Yup, it looks like DebbieLynne and I are going off to see the highly rated and popular Broadway musical "Wicked -- The Untold Story of Witches of Oz" in August. The story takes place both before and during Dorothy's visit to Oz, and is told from the perspective of the wicked witch of the west, Elphaba, and the good witch of the north, Glinda.

DebbieLyne has never been to a major professional theatrical production before, so this will be quite a treat. If all goes well on Sunday, August 25, we'll start off by going to Park Street Church on the edge of Boston Commons.Then we'll have a quick bite of lunch before heading over to the Boston Opera House for the one o'clock start of the play.

When I first went online to check ticket prices, it looked like going to see Wicked was pretty much out of the question. A precious friend had given us a generous financial gift and told us to spend it on a special treat, but even that would only have covered the cost of single ticket in the cheapest location, which probably wouldn't even have been wheelchair accessible. Seating in any of the better areas was way out of our price range.

Nevertheless I called the theater's help line to see if there were any seating locations available for wheelchair users at a discounted price. I left my name and number, and the other day got a call back. I was quoted much more reasonable prices, especially if I could pay with an American Express card. Thankfully I have one that doesn't charge an annual fee, and was able to use it to buy the tickets. The cost for the two tickets was actually a little less than the amount of that gift from our friend!

 So it's off to see the Wizard...I mean the Witches of Oz!


  1. Good for you. There's little I love more than going to the theatre. Enjoy!

  2. (Ugh, dude, this is going to be my last comment in your blog, sadly. The verification process is faaar too painful. I even tried the audio one and that was even worse.)