Saturday, March 9, 2013

Solving Technical Difficulties

Deb was the first to notice that something might be wrong with our phones. The speaker phone on her desk had a blinking red light. I checked the phone in the bedroom and got noise coming from the headset but not a dial tone.

When I wheeled into the livingroom to check the phone on her desk, There was no dial tone on that phone either. And it was almost time for DebbieLynn's personal care attendant to arrive. How would the person let us know she was down at the entrance of our apartment building if our phones weren't working?

I did have my cell phone, but the attendant doesn't have the phone number. So I took the elevator down so I could let her in. Sure enough, she'd already arrived and discovered that our phones weren't working.

Obviously (to me) the thing to do next was to call our phone company on my cell phone to see if they could remedy the situation. I disconnected the phone in the bedroom since the technical service department usually asks that only one phone be active when they're troubleshooting a problem.

However before I actually made the phone call on my cell phone, DebbiieLynne suggested I check to be  sure the phone cord was fully plugged into the jack in the wall. Hmm.

Well...I did what she recommended and indeed it seemed like it had become a mite loose. And...behold the blinking red light on the desk phone went out. And...that phone now had a dial tone!

Thank you, DebbieLynne, for your solving of the technical difficulties with our phones. Thank you for saving me the trouble of calling our phone company and probably waiting on hold for a prolonged period only to eventually be told to do what you had suggested I do.

I thought I was the technical geek in the family. Well, I am the geek, just not as technical as I thought I was.

Thank you again, DebbieLynne. You do have a brain and you do know how to use it. Once again I am reminded that I should listen to my wife. Sometimes I neglect to do that. I'm quite glad I did listen to her last night.

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  1. Behind every smart man is an equally brilliant woman! LOL!