Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Cannoli For My Darling Deb

 The full colonoscopy that was scheduled on Wednesday to determine if I have more than one area of colon cancer was postponed until I can be set up with a BiPap machine that can breathe for me all night and during surgical procedures.

 On Thursday a respiratory therapist came by with the BiPap machine and mask my pulmonary doctors want me to use.

This new machine will take some getting used to. I only managed to use it about one and a half hours the first night, but about 2 and a half hours the 2nd night. If I can get through an entire night or close to it then my colonoscopy can take place this coming Thursday.

Yesterday, Friday, I had no medical appointments and the weather was sunny and mild. DebbieLynne and I used our power wheelchairs to go up to the bus stop in the center of our town. That took us to the MBTA subway station where an employee got a bridge plate to help us board the train that had just pulled into the station. At our request he also radioed ahead so when we got to the Downtown Crossing station another MBTA employee (a long time friend of ours) was ready with a bridge plate to help us get off  the train.

DebbieLynne and I love to roam the parks and historic areas of Boston. Yesterday we got to talk briefly with one of the Freedom Trail Walking Tour guides with whom we became friends and now keep in touch with online. We couldn't talk long because he was getting a group together to give a walking tour. But we got to see him a couple more times while he was giving that tour.

Next we rolled through Boston Commons and part of the Public Gardens.I donated a dollar to a lady singing Amazing Grace. We sat for a while on the pedestrian bridge to look at the dry lagoon bed and the newly blossoming willow trees.

Then it was back across the Commons where we stopped briefly to see what sort of rally was taking place across from the gilded dome of the state house. Next we roamed around the Grainery Burial Ground where famous and unknown patriots are buried. We even took a picture of the large memorial in the center that bears the name "Franklin" where the parents of Benjamin Franklin were laid to rest.

Next it was time for lunch at our favorite eating place in Boston, Quincy Market. In approaching it we were delighted to see that there  is now a permanent wheelchair ramp for Faneuil Hall. (Unfortunately the door the top was locked due to a private event taking place.)

After a flavorful meal from a Mexican American kiosk that we have frequented often over the years, I bought a cannoli at the North End Bakery kiosk. Cannolis are one of DebbieLynne's favorite tasty treats. One of the gals who works at that kiosk doesn't even have to ask what I want. If I stop there she knows
what I'm getting and whon it is for.

At Quincy Market the large tables are shared but as many as 10 people at a time. When we began our meal yesterday a couple from Iceland sat across from us. They were gone by the time I got the cannoli, but a gentleman from New Mexico was happy to take our picture so we could share it on our blogs.

I am so glad God gave us such nice weather and a day without medical appointments so together we could enjoy a day in Boston and a cannoli for my darling Deb.


  1. That sounds like a wonderful outting! Here I am 52 and I have yet to try a cannoli

    1. It was indeed a wonderful outing. I'm glad you enjoyed reading about it and are now seriously considering trying a cannoli. You might like them.

  2. It's nice hearing about your beautiful day from two different perspectives. Yours, John, is more chronological and tells all the details of the day, while DebbieLynne's tells more of the emotions that she felt, her gratitude (although I'm sure you are thankful as well) and her bittersweet sorrow that perhaps this may be the last time for such excursions. Taken together your accounts round out the story of what it was like for you both. Very beautiful.

    1. Our two blogs do help us let others get to know us as we share our thoughts and feelings. I can never thank God enough for bringing DebbieLynne and I together to meet online and in time to marry.