Friday, March 16, 2012

Having Deb With Me Today Was So Good

On Monday and Wednesday when I went for the initial exam in Boston that discovered I had colon cancer and then the follow up cat scan in Chelsea, DebbieLynne couldn't come with me because I was was driven in by men using their cars which couldn't transport her in her power chair.

But today we scheduled the para-transit service to take us to Mass. General Hospital, which meant we both could go, and both be in our power wheelchairs. Although DebbieLynne had to be in the waiting room during my tests, she was able to be with me during the talks needed to get all the information from us and to us to help things go smoothly on the day of the colonoscopy next Wednesday.

The nurses and technicians and therapists were all very helpful and supportive. They helped calm some of our concerns, and together we came up with some ideas that might help with the breathing support I will need during the procedure.

It was good to know that they are are confident (even though we know they can't make guarantees) that it is unlikely that I will have any serious complications, and if for some reason I had to be admitted to the hospital it would probably be for just a day or two.

When we were done with the tests and interviews, there was still about 45 minutes before the paratransit van was due to bring us back home. So DebbieLynne and I had time to share a roast beef and cheese sandwich and some dried apricots and cranberries.

Although it was a rainy Friday afternoon the ride home on the van went fairly quickly because we were the only passengers. We got home and now she's on her computer in the living room and I'm lying down using my positive pressure ventilator typing this blog post.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog posts. And thank you for your prayers.


  1. It helped me to be included in the conversation.

  2. God bless and keep you two. You are precious!

    1. Thank you, Michelle. I once thought that if I ever got married it would have to be to a Christian gal living in the greater Boston area so we could go out and get to know one another. But God knew the very right gal for me was living a bit outside the Boston northern California. due time, she did become a gal in the greater Boston area...when she moved here to marry me. :-)