Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Date For My Colon Surgery Has Been Set

Today I learned that the surgery to remove the portion of the colon with  the cancer is scheduled for May 15, which is three weeks from today.

 Between now and then I will continue to get chest physical therapy (a sort of pounding) to keep my lungs clear. The more clear my lungs are before the operation, the better it should be for my breathing during and following  the time under anesthesia.

Breathing is rather important. Prior to the heart attack I was able to breathe on my own when sitting up in my wheelchair. For now I'm needing to use a ventilator all the time, whether in bed or in the wheelchair. I'm hoping to once again build up the ability to breathe on my own in the coming months.

It's clear now that I won't get to spend time at home with DebbieLynne before the operation. I have an appointment with the surgeon a week from Thursday. To get to it I'll need medical transportion to and from the doctor's office. Then the following Tuesday I'll be brought in to see my cardiologist.

It would have been difficult to get to those appointments if I'd returned home. There is also the matter of my needing units of blood to replace what continues to be lost due to the colon cancer and the blood thinning meds I'm on while recovering from the heart operation.

Since I can't get to DebbieLynne, in order for us to see each other, she will continue to have to come here when she can. Tomorrow the husband of one of my cousins will bring her, using a manual wheelchair.

Our church has offered to help cover the cost of her to make some visits using two paratransit services. The MBTA won't bring her to this town because it is outside their territory, but they will take her to Brockton to transfer to their paratransit service which does serve the town this rehab hospital is in. The trips will be time consuming but it will mean Deb and I can spend some  time together.

Thank you for praying for us. We miss being together. In case you hadn't noticed, we very much love one another.

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  1. I am surely praying for both of you. I will be having surgery myself on the 9th to remove at least part of my thyroid. Blessings.