Monday, April 23, 2012

Be Careful About Putting Things Off

I'm sure glad that Deb and I went to the Boston Commons, the Public Garden, and Quincy Market shortly before my colonoscopy.  Those are things we love to do, and we didn't know when I'd be up to venturing out and about next. Little did we know what was in store for us.

Right after the colonoscopy came the heart attack and then the heart procedures to clear the blockage and put in a stint. Then this period of recovery while I'm on blood thinners that are good for my heart but tend to increase the loss of blood from the colon cancer. So I've needed to be on the ventilator 24 hours day, rather than just an average of maybe 16 hours a day before these events.

Thankfully, I can still talk on the phone and use the computer to keep in touch with DebbieLynne. Since the MBTA paratransit service doesn't serve the town I'm in, she's not able to use it to come visit me. So she only has been able to come visit when others have transported her.

Prior to the colonoscopy I had taken care of paying bills and other fiscal matters. I hadn't gotten around to showing DebbieLynne how to access our bank accounts and pay various bills

If I hadn't survived the heart attack, DebbieLynne would not only have lost the husband who loves her dearly, she also would be had the added struggle of trying to figure out how take care of the household finances.

So we're now working on her learning how to do those things so she'll be able to do them during whatever times I am unavailable to do them. We're not putting that off any longer. Taking care of it is part of my loving her and taking care of her.

I'm learning to be more careful about putting things off. Please pray for me that I will do whatever I can for her whenever I can. Thank you for your prayers and for taking the time to read this post.


  1. Makes me think of when my dad died in Feb. of 2001. Christmas of 2000 he called to see if Jack and I wanted to ride to my brother's for the holiday. We decided not to go that year and said we would all get together the next year. That next year never came. A hard lesson to learn at times. Huggles to you both.