Friday, May 25, 2012

I Thank You For Your Prayers and Help

On May 15 I was brought from the rehab hospital to Massachusetts General Hospital for my colon cancer surgery. A great many people who care about me and DebbieLynne were praying things would go well.

With my permission the anethesiologist performed an epidural since that would allow them to reduce the amount of sedation I would need.

A breathing tube to my lungs was put in place after I was put to sleep, and later that same day was removed and I was back using my positive pressure ventilator with my mouthpiece strapped on. That was a wonderful answer to prayer because it was thought I might need to use the breathing tube for an extended period.

I was kept in the recovery room for a few days before it was deemed safe to move me to the respiratory intensive care unit. After a few days I was allowed to begin having clear liquids. Then, just 8 days after the operation, I was transported back to the rehab hospital to continue recovery.

Thank you so much for your prayers and help. I'll let you know how rehab goes. My re-sectioned colon is healing. I'll have to restrict my diet to low fiber foods until it can tolerate them. The abdominal swelling will need to reduce more before I can use my newer (tight fitting) back brace, but today I was able to use my old  (loose fitting) back brace on so I could sit more upright in the bed to eat lunch.

 Such amazing progress so soon after the surgery is a wonderful answer to prayer.

Thank you also so much for all those of you  who have helped DebbieLynne with meals and more while I've been away and couldn't be there myself to help her.

And I thank you for helping us financially. Your generosity has provided enough to finish paying off the debt incurred when we had to meet a large deductible to qualify DebbieLynne to be on MassHealth.

DebbieLynne and I are greatly blessed. God has blessed us with so much, including friends like you.


  1. I am happy you are doing so well and happy you were blessed to have gotten that debt paid off!

  2. It is a wonderful answer to prayer, John!

  3. Praise the Lord! We are so happy to hear that you are progressing so well. May the Lord continue to give you strength and endurance during this ordeal.