Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Visit to My Cardiologist and a Gift From Old Friends

Yesterday (Tuesday) I was transported from the rehab hospital to Mass. General Hospital to see my cardiologist. He had another EKG done and looked at the results of recent blood tests, and gave the OK for me to have the colon surgery next Tuesday.

He said he was comfortable with my blood count being 25, but recommended a blood transfusion before the surgery if it goes any lower than that, Normally he'd like the count to around 30, but some studies have indicated that colon cancer may spread more when blood counts are higher.

After the surgery removes the colon cancer the daily bleeding should end and the blood counts should gradually rise back to normal levels. That should help me regain strength and  stamina.

My cardiologist also thinks I'll do OK during the day of fasting and "cleaning out" the day before the operation. My heart is in much better condition than it was when I had the colonoscopy, thanks to the surgery to open the blocked artery and put in a stint.

I'll be intubated during the operation to take care of my breathing while under the affects of the annethesia. Hopefully I'll be able to get  back to using my ventilator by the end of the day.

Please pray that things will go well during preparation for the operation, the surgery itself, and the recovery from  it.

I also want to acknowledge and give thanks for a generous gift from some old friends of my wife. That gift will bring our debt down to $800.

I wrote about that debt in an earlier post. DebbieLynne and I are greatly moved that people have come to our aid at this difficult time and have done so much to lift that burden from us.

Thank you for your prayers and all everyone has done and is doing during this time of our dealing with colon cancer and being apart for so long.

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