Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Celebrating 10 Years of Marriage

A little over a week ago, on August 24th, DebbieLynne and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary. We took a luncheon harbor cruise on the Spirit of Boston. There were roses on our table for two, lobster, and champagne (alcohol removed). And we danced while the DJ played our requested song, Still The One, by Shania Twain. (See a video of our dancing on DebbieLynne's blog post here).

After our luxurious meal and romantic dance we went out on the back deck to enjoy the sunshine and view of Boston Harbor. After such a traumatic year with me in the hospital so much it was refreshing to be together on the 10th anniversary of our wedding.

Two days later our church held a party to for us. Members of my family, friends, and fellow church members joined us to celebrate these ten years together that God has given us. There was good food, fellowship, and another opportunity for us to dance to Still the One.

As the party ended, moments before Deb and I had to get outside to get the paratransit van back home, we had just enough time to open a curiously large present, and a smaller one that went with it, both gifts from the members of our church. The two gifts were a 32 inch TV and a blue-ray/DVD player! We'd never even dreamed of having anything like that. The love and generosity of our friends at church overwhelmed us.

Later in the week Deb and I met my Mom at the Cheesecake Factory at the Shopping Plaza, to treat her to a birthday lunch. While we were there DebbieLynne also bought me a Kindle reader as a combination Anniversary and Birthday present. She also bought me a Study Bible for the Kindle so I can easily read it and even take notes. I can use it when resting in bed at home, or when we're at church, or...if necessary...if I'm in the hospital. She sure knows me and how to bless me.

I am so blessed to have DebbieLynne as my wife. She so blesses me every day. I love doing whatever I can for her whenever I can. I thank God for these 10 years together that He's given us so far.

And I thank you for your prayers for us. DebbieLynne and I pray for you. We pray that you cherish your marriages and friendships. Every day and every moment is precious.

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