Sunday, October 28, 2012

A View of the Custom House Tower in Boston

Two days ago Deb and I took advantage of a mild late October day to venture into Boston. We visited the Granary Burial Ground where the graves of John Hancock, John Adams, Paul Revere and other patriots are located. We shared a turkey burger at a healthier than most hamburger restaurant. Then headed for Haymarket to buy some fresh fruits and vegetables.

Just before getting to Haymarket we passed by Quincy Market where I took this picture since the fall colors of the foliage looked nice with blue sky and the Custom House tower in the background.

The Custom House Tower can been seen from many locations in Boston. It's not the tallest building in Boston, but it is very distinctive. It does have an observation deck but the day we decided to visit it we learned that the deck has high walls and so those of us in wheelchairs wouldn't be able to see much.

Even though we've never been up in the tower, I always enjoy seeing it, and from time to time take another picture of it. It so good to be able to go out and about with DebbieLynne and see interesting sites.

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