Saturday, November 3, 2012

Watching Citizen Kane Together

Last night DebbieLynne and I started watching a movie named Doc Martin because we both very much enjoy the quirky humor of the TV series by the same name. Right away it was clear that the movie was not like the TV show. We gave the movie a few more minutes, but concluded that neither of us were interested in the film. So instead we decided to watch a commentary on Citizen Kane, which is one of DebbieLynne's favorite movies.

DebbieLynne has good taste in both food and movies and (in my opinion) what man to marry. I'm glad she let me know how much she likes Citizen Kane because that encouraged me to give her a two DVD set of the classic movie. The extras include a documentary about the movie and two commentaries.

We'd already seen one of the commentaries, so last night we started watching the second one. I was fun to learn about the innovative things Orson Wells did in the making the film, usually not just be be "new" but simply because this was his first film and he didn't know how he was "supposed" to do things.

Orson Wells had already had success on radio and in the theater, so he used techniques he'd learned in those areas to enhance how he presented the story in Citizen Kane. He used what he'd learned before and experimented to learn more about what would or would not work in making a motion picture.

DebbieLynne likes well made movies, and, like Orson Wells, she like to be creative. In her artwork that she does on the computer. She studies what others have done and written, and experiments to discover new ways to get the results she wants.

I love being married to DebbieLynne for many reasons. One reason is because I get to have more enjoyment out of watching and learning and appreciating movies like Citizen Kane as I do so with my darling Deb.

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